Change is the only permanent feature in life. In the recent past, there have been several changes in our business environment. Some of these changes resulted in direct foreign investments in the economy. A few others impacted on our areas of business, and either providing new business opportunities or creating challenges. Technology and telecommunications have also introduced several dimensions to this challenge. The customer is better enlightened and conscious of his rights. He also influences consumer rights issues. Similarly, regulatory bodies are more alert to their responsibilities. More stake holders are active in areas that impact on our business.

You may have also observed the change in public perception of corporate governance, corporate responsibility, integrity, consistent quality service delivery and costs. Thus, the business environment has become more challenging. In the light of the above, the way forward for every organization that is desirous of remaining relevant in its chosen area(s) of business, therefore, is to be customer focused and whole-heartedly embrace QUALITY.

Accordingly, visionary organizations all over the world are realizing the importance of quality and the guiding role ISO 9000 QMS can play in the achievement of quality and business success. Our organization has therefore embarked on ISO 9001:2000 certification as a commitment to the fundamental principle of our corporate existence as expressed in our quality policy – “NEW MOON NIGERIA LIMITED shall executes its services in line with the standards of ISO 9001:2000 to the utmost satisfaction of its clients and its stakeholders while continually improving its quality management system”.

This standard deals with the global trend which has introduced challenges, some of which were mentioned at the beginning of this message. It also pays particular attention to the customer – the reason for the business. We are, therefore, treating our journey to ISO 9001:2000 certification as a project.

Our ISO 9001:2000 certification, in my view, is the most important project to be embarked upon by our organization. Initially, I thought this view was probably too radical and I may be a lone ranger in this view. Happily, I was wrong! I am glad to inform you that members of the Board of Directors of our organization share my view on the importance of this project. They are, therefore, fully committed to its successful implementation because of its ability to make positive impact on our lives and business. In view of this importance therefore, every stakeholder has a responsibility to support this initiative whole-heartedly. If this is done, the resultant benefit will be far-reaching because quality has no substitute.

Thank you.


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