Supply and installation of Transformers

Satisfaction guaranteed, reliable product & price, responsible services. contact us to learn more and get your free quote today.

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Electrical/Solar Consultant

We perform sales and support functions related to solar energy systems, particularly the installation of systems designed for both residentials and offices 

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Supply and Installation of Generators

We have the power you need to get the job done. We offer 24/7 service support to meet the changing needs of your Facility. contact us

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Strategic Communications

We‘ve laid out a step by step process of constructing a building from start to finish with customer satisfaction in mind.

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bore hole

Borehole and water supply

our solutions Are Tailored To Specific Needs. Borehole Surveying. Advanced Survey Tools. Drilling Price. Cutting-Edge Technology. Drilling Experience.

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Project Management and delivery services

Our Project Management and Delivery services are flexible and offer access to our network of expert Technical Consultants and Delivery Managers.

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Electrical/Solar Consultant

We are solar energy consulting company committed to providing its industry clients with project, program, policy strategy; and government clients

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Road Design and canalization

Our  road and street design services are further complemented by professional  designs services and site support

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Installation and Commissioning of PHCN Sub-stations

We have experienced and certified engineers are planning, installing and commissioning your power supply according to highest standards

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Pre-cast/Concrete Reinforcement Works

We provide high quality concrete Precast Blocks, Interlocks and Kerb stones Dust. They are strong, durable, efficient, easy to install

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Supply and installation of Solar traffic light

Our years experience in the field of alternative power management products guarantees you a world class product, backed by a nationwide network

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Aluminum Roofing/cladding Works

We install aluminium roofing and cladding for domestic and commercial projects, for a quote calls us

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Installation of UPS and INVERTERS

We Sales & Supplier of Inverter, Online UPS, Solar panel, Stabilizer, Thunder Arrestor, Motion Sensor electronics

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Road Construction/ Asphalting/ Maintenance works

We provide asphalt road repair services maintenance with our experienced road resurfacing

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Road Rehabilitation

we construct and maintain roads  with our engineers, asphalt supply and paving work can be carried out day or night

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