New Moon Nigeria Limited is corporate Company that engage in various activities with core specialization in the following areas: Electrical Installation; such as Over-head distribution Network in Towns/Villages, transformer installation, installation of solar energy system.

Power And Electrical Works

Our professional and fully-qualified electrical engineers work with all sizes of business in a wide variety of commercial and industrial sectors.

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Structural Construction Works

We offers expert building engineering design & construction management for large-scale structures including office buildings, apartments, hospitals

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General Procurement

We have extensive technical and market knowledge experience in managing and performing procurement activities for both small and large contracts

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Building and Construction

Managing  Construction/ Asphalting/ Maintenance works

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Installation and Commissioning

Strong value-creation Construction industry.

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Energy, Power & Products

Electricity demand more convenience.

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Why you should choose NEW MOON NIGERIA

NEW MOON NIGERIA Limited was registered in Nigeria in 10th February 1993
under the Companies and allied matters act of 1990 to engage in various activities with core specialization in the following areas : Construction works (Electrical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering) , Procurement Services; and General Contracts.


New Moon Nigeria extends across  different countries and territories, with expatriate working on various projects


We are firmly committed to knowledge and creativity as an engine of responsible growth, which is why technological innovation is part of our culture


We operate a nimble and professional organization that places premium on providing value-added service. We are keen on meeting your needs and are focused solely on achieving targets that will add values


New Moon Nigeria Limited is engage in various activities with core specialization in the following areas:

Supply and installation of Transformers

Satisfaction guaranteed, reliable product & price, responsible services. contact us to learn more and get your free quote today.

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Electrical/Solar Consultant

We perform sales and support functions related to solar energy systems, particularly the installation of systems designed for both residentials and offices 

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Supply and Installation of Generators

We have the power you need to get the job done. We offer 24/7 service support to meet the changing needs of your Facility. contact us

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Strategic Communications

We‘ve laid out a step by step process of constructing a building from start to finish with customer satisfaction in mind.

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bore hole

Borehole and water supply

our solutions Are Tailored To Specific Needs. Borehole Surveying. Advanced Survey Tools. Drilling Price. Cutting-Edge Technology. Drilling Experience.

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Project Management and delivery services

Our Project Management and Delivery services are flexible and offer access to our network of expert Technical Consultants and Delivery Managers.

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Integrated Management , Process, and change Technologies

90 +
Countries Served
12 k +
Consultants Worldwide
72 +
Rewards and Accolades
20 +
Years in consulting


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